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Evan W. Bauerle is an audio engineer that graduated from the Art Institute of Atlanta with a Bachelor of Arts in Audio Production.

Evan grew up in Phoenix, Arizona where music played a significant role in every aspect of his life, "Including falling asleep at night!" he recalls. As a teenager, one of his favorite activities was producing his own home-made radio show with a small recorder and microphone. " Evan always had a great passion for music and grew to appreciate the different sounds from musicians in a variety of different genres, from adult rock alternative to hip-hop. " I also enjoyed immersing myself in the sounds played in everyday films, and the production work they involved. "

Evan became a percussionist in elementary school and continued playing through his senior year of school when he moved to Michigan. "I earned lead chair at Glen Lake High School, playing the snare drum and quads during football games and parades." On Sundays, Evan performed drums with his church youth group band. During his last few years of school, Evan fell in love with sound engineering as he worked the live sound and DJ equipment for school dances, church, and for the daily live performances at the restaurant he worked at.

As a high school graduate, Evan began recording and mixing sound on his own projects and for his peers. "It was during this time I came to realize my strong desire for a future in audio production," says Evan. "I found my way to the Art Institute of Atlanta where my professional career quickly began."

With his investment in the Art Institute's audio program, Evan has dedicated four years to all aspects of audio production. His education focused on recording and mixing a variety of music genres, and he gained first-hand experience operating a boom microphone, recorded foley, and designing sound effects. "I have become very experienced and efficient with on-set field recording, post production, sound design, and even broadcast audio," remarks Evan.

Evan has recently become involved with editing dialogue for audio books with Listen Up Production in Magick Lantern Studios. "I am eager to see what opportunities the future presents me with," Evan says.

I have been in the industry since 2007.

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