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Business Professional looking for experience in an area to utilize skills learned in the cutting edge field of Video Production and Photography. Along with technical skills the ability to travel well and adapt to changing environments will be apparent.

Trained through Lynda online training program. Received certificate of completion in Final Cut Studio round tripping. Filmed in concert for Matthew West , Johnny Diaz , Josh Wilson at the McAlester expo center. I Have done two front page photo stories for McAlester News Capital including rural house explosion and semi truck crash into Blocker store. I have filmed for three skills USA competitions multiple fire department demonstrations. I have worked with a SkyTeq employee doing work witch involved flying in a aircraft and taking photographs of high line poles. I have received a silver Career Readiness Certificate on my ACT workkeys tests for applied mathematics ,locating information and reading for information. I have filmed A commercial for a heath care class. I have filmed for ECC Early Child Care class multiple times.I have completed all of my required brain bench test including customer assistance, telephone etiquette, fundamentals of technology and flash CS3. I have done many projects for churches involving working with video and audio equipment.
High School-GED McAlester Adult Education Program Kiamichi Technology Center-McAlester Campus-Major: Digital Video Producer 2011
A list of my skills i have attained while in school.
I have been educated to the following.
Apply knowledge of software, equipment, and skills related to digital media production.Apply knowledge of digital media production tools and applications. Perform digital media editing functions including importing and adding clips to the timeline using computer-generated techniques.Trim and edit digital media clips. Add cross-dissolve transitions and digital media effects that are computer-generated. Use a computer to produce or acquire graphics, animation, audio, and/or digital media content. Select appropriate transitions, such as dissolves, wipes, and zooms to enhance digital media assets. Utilize the ripple tool to perform non-linear editing techniques on a computer that support commitment statements with a strong sequence. Utilize standard and fixed effects to apply special characteristics to digital communications.Utilize the roll tool to perform non-linear editing techniques on a computer to support digital media products. Utilize the slip tool to perform non-linear editing techniques. Design and develop computer-generated titles. Utilize computer productivity tools to identify and construct appropriate "voice" for professional digital media communications. Demonstrate knowledge of copyright rules and legislation, including intellectual property, with the ability to predict appropriate actions when given various scenarios involving legal issues.

Reading books, photography,Traveling, Hiking, Exploring, Skydiving, Cooking,etc.. I push to the limit to put myself to the test to overcome obstacles and achieve my goals.

Added on 6/8/2011
Its just a small project of nature.

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