Chris Shafer

Medford, Massachusetts


About Me

I am a professional video editor with over 6
years of experience in video editing.

In college, I was involved in all aspects of
art, ranging from fine arts, theatre arts,
graphic arts, as well as video.

After college, I interned for a year with
Florida Stage, one of thirty two regional
theatres in the United States.

After Florida Stage, I worked for an internet
company shooting and editing HD commercial
spots for clients of the company.

Recently, I worked for a year with a company
called CustomPlay, where I edited custom
"presentations" or versions within major
motion pictures. Such versions include:
Action; Romance; Comedy; Horror; No Mush; and

Some of the motion pictures I worked on
included "Avatar", "Inception", and "The
Social Network".

Thank you for your time and consideration, I
look forward to hearing from you soon, and to
work together for many years to come.

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