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My name is Cole Messutta and I’m a Columbia College Alumni. My last semester at Columbia was May 2010. My major was film and video with a concentration in directing. I have always enjoyed breaking down films after I have seen one. To me it’s like a tradition. Ever since my first semester at Columbia, when I was taking an acting basic skills class, I was learning how to develop a character. It’s such a tough spot to be when you have to learn lines and be directed by someone. Normally, I am directing someone and another person is learning or speaking lines. I want to work with people on a basis where things run smoothly. Where the environment doesn’t feel rushed or people are yelling, though with people who can talk calmly and generously to one another. I am an open, fun, and hard working person. I don’t let things get in my way and I get a task done when it needs to be done. There are people who have that procrastinating look to them. I have seen many people when I go to work with them on a set and I can see I am going to have to tell them to do something multiple times. I get things done right when someone asks me to do it and don’t complain or have an attitude about it.

Added on 6/4/2011
This was my production 2 final film. The story is about 2 Mimes who are performing on a street corner. The Mime that is in the white white shirt is a beginner mime and hasn't had that much practice at all. Along comes a mime that is older and more experienced. Throughout the film, the older mime tries to teach the younger mime how to do some tricks. Although every time the younger mime fails, the older mime pays the price and gets hurt. In the end they both don't know what to do and end up sitting on the corner. Along comes a gentleman and drops a dollar off. They see that they work well together and decide to become a team.

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