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Prometheus Legal is the one stop resource for production companies planning to make movies anywhere in North America. We have the experience and expertise to guide you from preproduction issues all the way through a distributiond deal.

The most important role for an entertainment attorney is his assistance in raising funds for his clients. Receiving investments in your film without the proper documents, filings, and behavior can land you in court and potentially in prison. Prometheus Legal attorneys have the expertise in securities, private equity, and debt financing to ensure that your film is funded properly, legally, and succesfully.

Whether you are a producer looking to raise funds for your film, or an investor looking for guidance investing in a motion picture, Prometheus Legal will walk you every step of the way through the muddy waters of private equity. Too often filmmakers rush out and begin to sell units in their film without taking the proper legal steps to safeguard their investors and themselves. One wrong move, and a filmmaker may soon find herself with a cellmate instead of an assistant.

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