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Laila Berzins Voice Overs, in Association with Antland Productions
Bringing Voice Overs and Singings, and 30 years of audio productions experience to your next project!


Warm, Compassionate, Clear, Dynamic, Sophisticated

Capabilities: Character/Animation, Telephony, Commercial, Narration, E-Learning, Professional Singer

Accents: Standard North American, British (modern, Victorian, Cockney, BBC), Southern US, Jewish Mother, Australian, Russian

Vocal Description - Warm, smooth, silky, young, seductive, professional, friendly, versatile character voices, intelligent sound to "real person" or "girl next door"; soprano to tenor range. Natural Alto

Age/Gender: Child, Teenage Girl, Young Adult Female, Mature Adult Female

Character: Little girl, little boy, grandmother, mother, henchman, witch, seductress, dorky boy, parrot, goat/sheep, fish, growling dog, cat, cricket

Impersonation: Moaning Myrtle, Kermit the Frog, Cartman, Mrs. Cartman, Eric, Mr. Hanky/Towely, Pinocchio, Stitch, Lois Griffin, Gollum, Margret Dumont, Edna May Oliver, Eartha Kit, Mae West

Connecticut-based talent Laila Berzins has oodles of fun when she works, and approaches each project with a reliable, professional attitude. She provides a dynamic range of character voices, a friendly and professional narration voice, and also sings in a professional chorus. She brings her strengths as an actor into the forefront of each project. (you might want to rethink this - removed 'goals', as you are beyond that now).

Training: Antland Productions: Roy Yokelson
Edge Studios, New York, NY
Private - Noelle Romano and Jay Snyder
Gaming: Lani Minella
Seminar - Kristin Price, Eric Rath, Kevin Delaney, Randye Kaye, Danielle Quissenberry, Linda Jones, Erik Sheppard, Steve Brezzo, Bob Bergen, Bill Farmer

Current Work:

• Multiple Characters in production for iPad app/game and animation series: "The Bee*kins"
• Numerous Characters; in pre-production for "‪The Pandoran Age Chronicles"‬ 3D Animation Feature Film
• Numerous Characters; in pre-production for "The Syndicate" TV series

I have been in the industry since 2009.

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