Shock Tone Studios Inc

5835 Horseshoe Bar Rd., Loomis, CA
Sacramento, California 95650


About Us

Shock Tone Studios Inc. is under way with a new, custom designed, six room recording studio with an attached 24/7, five room practice facility located in Loomis, CA. Our staff's experience in the music industry exceeds 30 years of combined amongst a rather young production staff. experience includes: several U.S. Tours as artists, Production Engineering alongside 8 times platinum production icons and many years of live sound customization, Publishing, Channel marketing and Artist Management. Our staff carries a deep passion derived by music creativity, which has enabled them to develop excellent insight into a wide range of unique styles and artist influences from Hollywood to Sacramento and beyond. Our diversity has given them the ability to succeed in 95% of all music genres including and no limited to: Rock, Country, Metal, Alternative, Jazz, Punk, Modern, and Contemporary, Pop, Hip Hop and many mixed styles in between. Shock Tone Studios uses an effective channel to deliver their projects to the media for publication, which constitutes its success in the past and present markets today. We consider our artists our #1 one priority and are committed to exceed all of their artists expectations, accommodations and music services, Sincerely.

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