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Maitland, Florida

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creative producer
digital media design

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For the past ten tears I've been engaged as an independent creative producer/director, primarily creating broadcast level commercials, segmented television and digital media campaigns including print and web. Client serviced were in a wide range of industries including banking, medical, food & beverage, computer technology and more.

As a result of the volatile changes in network distribution, I’ve acquired the necessary expertise for internet communications along with content creation and design. But more importantly, I’ve developed a working bridge to integrate internet content with traditional channels of media distribution. This way content, branding can work more efficiently and harmoniously across all channels.

The skills I’ve developed over the years are quite versatile and I adapt quickly to most situations. I'm proficient in production, post-production and creative design; whatever the job, I strive to bring excellence and professionalism to every project.

Bread n Buns :30 "Fresh Everyday"
Added on 6/21/2011
Produced in concert with Ch 9 of Orlando - Bread 'n' Buns was a great place in it's day...

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