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PANAMA PRODUCTION SOLUTIONS, promotes the development of the film industry in the Republic of Panama by providing outsourcing of many services to major international feature films, independent films, documentaries, television programs and other who seek a low cost yet exotic location for their projects.

Building upon the many advantages that Panama already possesses as a strategic business hub, such as growing infrastructure, a unique geographic position and incredible biodiversity as well as a safe national territory, the company holds a vision of this small country as being poised to follow other notable places around the world as a sought after shooting location in the years to come.

We believe that working in synergy, with local and foreign companies, all the diverse components of location shooting can be accomplished more efficiently and at a lower cost. We help the client by assessing their needs and providing the best subcontracting offers based on your requirements and available resources.

Cable Onda TV Commercial
Added on 7/16/2011

On January 3, Panama Production Solutions provided wardrobe and modeling talent for a TV commercial filmed by local Production Company E-Motion. Filmed at their studios in Los Angeles, Panama City.

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