Witold Suryn

Laval, Quebec


About Me

Witold Suryn is Canadian composer, pianist, bassist and music producer.
Formally educated in music (piano) he composes music for over 40 years, first in jazz, then in contemporary symphonic and movie scores genre and recently in electronic music.
 In addition to his formal musical education and years of composition practice in classical music he gathered considerable experience in movie scoring for the contemporary film industry. In his work he cooperated with several young North American and British directors scoring their short and mid-length productions. Independently he continuously composes music for cinema or TV productions, releases albums in jazz and recently in electronic genre. Witold's preferred composition styles are:
- pure orchestral scores (symphonic orchestras of various sizes in styles),
- orchestral scores with electronic sound mix,
- jazz scores and diverse electronic music productions. All scores are produced in Witold's professional studio and ready to mix when delivered.
Scores can be developed in any required file or spatial format (like for example *.wav, *.aiff etc. or stereo, 5.1 etc.). Every score is accompanied by a full documentation (complete partition).

I have been in the industry since 1980.

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