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I'm an I.A.T.S.E. Local 477 Studio Mechanics Props Weapons Specialist/Set Decorator/Set Dresser in good standing (Honorable Withdrawal 2015 due to trauma), freelance Art Director, NRA certified Firearms Instructor and Chief Range Safety Officer with licensed security operations control-EMT-B experience. Safety on and off the set and range is my #1 priority. I offer 25 years experience in film & TV production, plus shooting and armorer experience with semi-automatic pistols, S/A and D/A revolvers, semi-automatic and automatic rifles of assorted actions and calibers and various shotguns produced by dozens of manufacturers. As your go to Weapons Handler, I will safeguard all firearms, coordinate range and set safety protocols, consult with above the line and talent on the right weapons for your project, from collectors' guns to modern small and long arms and other weaponry. By hiring me, you enjoy a break on FFL transfers when ISS or The Specialists ship to one of my preferred ranges & shops in South Florida.

I can train your talent in basic pistol, rifle, shotgun shooting and safe handling and instruct them in Florida's concealed carry laws to help them obtain their FL CWL. In my classes, your talent and crew will master breathing, stance, positions, hold and trigger control, accuracy, sight alignment, and speed, with an emphasis on choosing the right firearm for their character and in "real life", plus strength training and flexibility for fine motor skills and optimal weapon retention. My multi-lingual team of certified Instructors and Range Safety Officers, a gunsmith, archery and martial arts instructors/senseis are ready to make your next production a success from consulting to finding and securing the right weapons, training talent in handgun fighting and techniques, unarmed and other weapon fighting.

In addition to prop weapons work, I can decorate and dress your sets, source and shop, place product, handle greens, offer custom metal fabrication on Plasma Cam, CNC and X-Carve machines, coordinate picture vehicles, style food (20+ years restaurant and bar experience managing, expediting, plating, pastry, serving), research, and hire, schedule, deploy and supervise crew and interns.

I graduated from New York University's prestigious Kanbar Institute of Film & Television at the Tisch School of the Arts where I studied narrative and documentary filmmaking, and have a list of producing credits from public access to award winning student shorts and professional documentaries with TV and theatrical distribution prior to focusing on sets & props.

Prior to two traumatic accidents in the last 5 years, I enjoyed United States Practical Shooting Association matches, shooting trap and sporting clays, and tactical gunfighting training, other sports, running and rolling with my awesome pit bull.

Please contact me to discuss availability!

I have been in the industry since 1994.

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Art Direction, Set Decorating, Set Dressing, Props work

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