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Jennifer DeFrancesco aka Jennifer DeFrank a.k.a. Franchi
I.A.T.S.E. Local 477 Studio Mechanics in good standing
Props-Weapons Specialist and Art Director/Set Decorator

I offer you two decades of experience in film & TV production, 18 years working with firearms and art direction. I have shooting and armorer experience with semi-automatic pistols, S/A and D/A revolvers, rifles of assorted actions and calibers and various shotguns produced by dozens of manufacturers. By hiring me, your props department budget gets a break on FFL transfers from ISS, The Specialists Ltd, etc. when they ship to my local range & shop in Pompano Beach, FL. I have a team of knowledgeable salespeople, NRA Certified Instructors, armorers, gunsmiths, an archery expert and instructor, and martial arts black belts/senseis, and stunt coordinators, from South Florida to New York ready to make your next production a success from consulting to finding and securing the weapons in your script, to training talent in armed, unarmed and other weapon fighting, etc.

I am a fully insured, Certified NRA Firearms Instructor and Chief Range Safety Officer, GLOCK Certified Armorer, and Florida D and G licensed security operations professional with personal protection, lobby, patrol, and dispatch experience. I can train your talent in basic pistol, rifle, and shotgun shooting and safe handling, and personal protection, instruct them in Florida's concealed carry laws and help them obtain their FL CWL, handgun fighting and techniques. In my classes, your actors will master breathing, stance, positions, hold and trigger control, accuracy, sight alignment, and speed, with an emphasis on choosing the right firearm for their character and in "real life", plus strength training and flexibility for fine motor skills and optimal weapon retention.

I am a member of the National Rifle Association, the National Notary Association, and United States Practical Shooting Association. I enjoy USPSA matches, trap and sporting clays, and tactical gunfighting training. Certified as a CRSO and in EMT-B/CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer with more than 10 years experience in dog rescue, clinics and more, you can rest assured I will take the safety of all humans and animals on and off set seriously.

My team can instruct and prepare materials in English, Spanish and Italian.

As your go to Weapons Handler, I will safeguard all firearms on and off set, coordinate safety protocols, consult with your Production Designer, Art Director, Prop Master, Director, Script Supervisor and actors on the right weapons for your project, from collectors' guns to modern small and long arms and other weapons.

In Art Direction and Props, I can break down scripts, analyze projects, design, decorate, and dress sets, source and shop, place product, handle basic greens, create props, wrangle weapons, coordinate picture vehicles, and style food (with 22 years food service industry experience from Front of House to Back of House) in studio and on location to realize the production designer's vision and come in under budget. I have excellent research and management skills, can hire, schedule, deploy and supervise crew and interns to create props, build sets, and make pickups and deliveries.

Before embarking on my freelance Art Direction/Prop Weapons career, I worked a brief stint at VH1 on the "100 Greatest" series. Prior to that, I worked in TV Production at one of the best ad agencies at the time, Young & Rubicam NY. I also have 11 years experience as a Paralegal/Legal Assistant. You can count on me equally in studio, on location, in the production office, on the range, etc.

I graduated from New York University's prestigious Kanbar Institute of Film & Television at the Tisch School of the Arts where I studied narrative and documentary filmmaking and video production, cinematography, dramatic and documentary screenwriting, directing, producing, sound design, 16mm film, on-line and off-line video editing, and cinema studies, with an unofficial Dance Education minor.

While studying film at Tisch, I worked as an Undergraduate Film Equipment Teaching Assistant. I held internships in script development at GreeneStreet Films, in the research department of The Rosie O'Donnell Show, in the Editorial Department of Rolling Stone Magazine, and transitioned from Office Manager to Post Production Coordinator on The Soundtrack of The Century: The History of Columbia Records (Ginger Group in collaboration with Sony Automatic). As I was bilingual (Spanish-English), I was hired to publicize the moving documentary film Un Beso A Esta Tierra (Goldberg Lerner Productions, Mexico) in NY/the U.S. I also volunteered as a videographer assistant for Steven Spielberg's Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation.

Prior to and during college, I produced and edited entertaining and informative programs for public access and campus television.

Accolades include a 1999 First Run Film Festival Award for Best Art Direction for the short "Automat", based on the paintings of Edward Hopper. I produced the grant and festival award winning shorts "Let the Children Eat First", a stylized thriller, and "Tesla", a homage to German Expressionism.

The body of my work is mainly horror, crime, and noir, with some comedy.

Please contact me to discuss availability!

I have been in the industry since 1994.

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Art Direction, Set Decorating, Set Dressing, Props work

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