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Props by JunkerVal provides all of the resources needed to Research, price, display, & organize the Props for your next production. We Research extensively to make sure your props are Period Correct. We work within your Budget & love Indie films.
Need a Fort Worth Texas location for your production? With many homes, buildings, & imaginative locations available, the right one is waiting for you.
Respected Specialists in Art, Gold, Sterling, Pottery, Furniture, Porcelain, Military, Sporting Items, Vintage Paper, Clothing, Costume Jewelry, Transportation Collectibles, Tools, Electronics, Victorian Furnishings, Medical Collectibles, Railroad Collectibles, Cameras & Photography, Mid Century Modern, New furnishings, Cars, Boats, even Weird & Unusual Items.
We also specialize in music scoring,music composing, and music editing.

We have been in the industry since 1980.

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