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Nicola Raggi, AIC - IMAGO cinematographer - director of photography - camera operator
Winner of Best Cinematography in a Feature Film at Milan IFF 2021.

Cinematographer with vast experience, fueled with endless artistic creativity, an unwavering commitment to detail and a passion for storytelling.

With a strong cinematic flair, I always strive to create a unique vision for every project, the rhythm, harmony and dynamism in the composition of an image are what make my camerawork and lighting stand apart.

I am an outside the box thinker, highly collaborative, energetic and I am never afraid to wear multiple hats.

My number one goal is always the same: making the Director's vision come to life, no matter what.

Strong interpersonal skills and problem solving abilities, offers impressive record of successful projects.

Master of lighting.
Exceptional camera operator.
Great organizational skills.
Ability to master complex technologies.
Special talent for collaborating and communicating effectively.

Knowledge of: steadicam, cranes and Jib arms, dollies and sliders, shoulder supports, tripods and heads, suction mount, car mounts, green and blue screen, rain towers and special FX.
Work History

AS CINEMATOGRAPHER I OFFER to: (from 2007 to present)
- Design looks and visual styles to reflects the intentions of the director.
- Provide guidance in all technical aspects of production.
- Advice regarding the choice of the most appropriate film or digital video format .
- Blocking scenes to provide artful coverage in the most efficient way.
- Provide input to develop story-boards and shot lists.
- Location scouting for lighting, camera movements and set desing.
- Advice on best times and places for exterior scenes to take maximum advantage of available light.
- Organize camera, electrical and grip crews.
- Plan placement and rigging lighting fixtures.
- Advice on arrangements for rental of camera, lighting, grip equipment and specialized tools.
- Communicate with film labs or digital postproduction facilities.
- Execute the vision for the look of the film.
- Anticipate schedule caused by unforeseen circumstances.
- Approve the set up of lighting.
- Operate camera during shooting.
- Assure that there are no technical glitches.
- Oversaw all phases of post-production.

Positive attitude.
Hard worker.
Problem solver.
Money saver.
Proficient in stressful environment.

FCP, FCPX, Premiere, DaVinci, REDCINE-X PRO.

from 06/2012 to 09/2014 @ New York Film Academy – New York City, NY
Hands on film and video camera, hands on lighting, composition and camera movements. Cinematic aspects and phases of a motion pictures film from pre- to post-production.

from 06/2006 to 08/2010 @ LoadingLab inc. – Siena, ITALY
Edited and Color corrected all company projects
FinalCut-pro, Premiere, AVID Media Composer.

from 09/2006 to 08/2010 @ University of Siena – Siena, ITALY
3 years Film & Video production, from pre- to post-.
Supervised the post-production process, including editing, dubbing and color correction. Graded the students

MFA in Cinematography at ASC American Society of Cinematographer
Bachelor of Arts: Cinematography 2011 New York Film Academy - New York City, NY
Master of Arts: Cinematography 2009 IED VENICE - Venice, Italy
Master of Arts: Cinematography for Cinema and TV 2008 Accademia della Luce - Rome, IT
Master of Arts: Film studies 2004 University of Siena - Siena, Italy

I have been in the industry since 2006.


https://www.nicolaraggi.com – please visit for more/updated

October, 2018 — December, 2021
Feature – https://www.nicolaraggi.com

Director Of Photography – GAP Summer Campaign

October, 2018 — October, 2018
Commercial – GAP

2nd Unit. Cinematographer – Waiting in the Wings: Still Waiting

September, 2018 — September, 2018
Feature – JJ Spotlight Productions

Cinematographer – House Broken

October, 2017 — November, 2017
Short Film – SOS Productions

Cinematographer – Tom's Dilemma

August, 2017 — October, 2017
Feature – Gluckstern Film

Cinematographer – Naked Spurious

July, 2017 — August, 2017
Short Film – Mystik Films

Cinematographer – The Adventure of Jubeez

March, 2017 — April, 2017
Feature – L + G Films

Cinematographer – Asunder The Series

February, 2017 — February, 2017
– Six Feet High Prod.

Cinematographer – Shadow of the Oberon Moon

May, 2016 — May, 2016
Short Film – Milner Pictures

Cinematographer – Melanin

April, 2016 — April, 2016
Music Video – Yousuf Film

Cinematographer – Flesh is Heir To

March, 2016 — July, 2016
Feature – CinemaEVerite'

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