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About Us

We are a commercial production company based in Argentina and Costa Rica with 15 years of experience.

Are you familiar with the concept of sustainable development? To grow, but without destroying; to move forward, but in harmony –that is the essence of Banana Films. We believe in people, in each unique personality, in what every one of us can give. Our philosophy is the belief that through the combination of the diverse a cohesive whole is possible. Our greatest gift is respect for what each one of us is –beings complementing each other, moving forward together, because the secret is to keep growing; respect for the world, for the environment. We are a group of individuals who fight towards progress. There is no such thing as absolute truth –we build it together. To take the time to listen, with acceptance and free of prejudice, is a fundamental in our house.

We have been in the industry since 1994.

Argentina Production Services
Added on 7/21/2011

Demo reel, of some of the projects that we did the production services

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