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LiftMedia360 is an New York City based, multi-service production company that works with clients coast to coast and internationally. Our goal is to elevate our clients’ communications. Yes, we produce video. But we do so much more than that.
“Media360” is our mantra. And it means that we’ll creatively take digital assets from all areas of your company and re-imagine them in forms that are relevant today.
We turn stale PowerPoint presentations and print brochures into dynamic animations. We can take that same material and turn it into interactive iPad presentations. We can webcast and then redeploy the files as embedded PDFs or as a video.
And of course we can shoot video branded to a company culture—internal and external corporate messaging, product launches, testimonials, corporate documentaries, executive profiles, culture statements, training, sales and marketing tools, and that old standby, the commercial.
But beyond all this creative, we assist our clients in thinking through media campaigns that have a visual element, often making use of assets they currently have and finding multiple uses for a single production. We’re pros at seeing potential when it comes to a visual story.

Video and Content Creation Services:
Video Production in New York and Nationally
Broadcast Commercials to Launch and Brand Products
Web-based Marketing and Branding Videos
Corporate Videos
Web-based Product Launches and Demos
Web-based Instructional Videos
Intra-office Videos
Recruitment and Sales Videos
Corporate Programs
Product and Company Testimonials
Graphic Design and Consultation for Web and Print
Power Point Editorial
Power Point to Video
Print to Video
iPad based Interactive Presentations
Video production NYC

Music Services:
Original Music Composition
Sound Design
Post-Production Audio and Mixing
Music Licensing
Location Audio

Copy/Scriptwriting Services:
Copy Content for Web

We have been in the industry since 2011.

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Added on 1/24/2017
Some of our favorite clients and favorites projects


Chris has deep experience in all aspects of visual and audio production.
His production is well priced and provides great value in the end product.


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