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About Us

With 30+ years experience in broadcast, TF&V offers proven expertise. Our camera packages include:

Sony PXW- FX9
Sony PXW-FS5
(2) Sony PXW-FS 7 (one cinema style, one documentary style),
Sony FS700 package
Panasonic HPX500 P2 package (432Gb of P2 media)
Sony primes 6 lens set
Tentacle Sync (4)


1TB Odyssey 7Q (w/ Apollo Option)
24"Flanders Scientific
SmallHD 502, 702 (2), and 1303 (2)
Also available - Teradeck Bolt 300 (1 TX, 2 RX)


Arri fresnels (150s, 300s, 650s, 1Ks, 2K)
Litepanel GEMINI HARD (4) and quad bracket
Litepanel 1x1 daylight (5)
Litepanel Astro (3)
Litepanel Bi-colors (2)
Litepanel HILIOs (2)
KinoFlo 4 foot 4Banks(3) avail. w/ green tubes
KinoFlo Select 30
KinoFlo Diva 21 LED
Arri Skypanel S60-C
Arri Skypanel S30-C
Arri M18 HMI
Arri M8 HMI with 5’/7’ Octaplus Chimera
Quasar Science 4’ tubes and 4x4 bank
Astera 4’ LED Titan RGB tubes (4) w/ app controller


Panther Classic dolly
Panther Vario Jib
Panther U-Bangi Slider
Porta-Jib with extension
OConnor 2065 head
OConnor 1030 Ds head
OConnor standard and baby sticks
Gearnex head
Freely MoVi M10
Steadicam Pilot HD
DJI Ronin-S
ArmorMan stabilizer support
Syrp Magic Carpet slider and 3 axis motors

We have been in the industry since 1986.

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