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Just outside Cleveland, Ohio, 'axis3Design' is a marketing visualization company specializing in 3D visualization and animation mainly in the medical device field. Other fields of expertise include consumer product and industrial animation.

---What makes 'axis3Design different from the rest?---

Over 20 years of Design Engineering experience in addition to outstanding 3D visualization expertise. We know how things work and came make them look amazing. With an extensive design-engineering background, we work seamlessly with any of your cad data. Also, we can generate all of your 2D marketing literature such as tradeshow graphics, technique guides,sell sheets,announcements, etc. Attention to detail, competitive pricing and a reputation for creating amazing content make axis3Design the right choice for your next project.

All post-work and special effects work is done with After Effects, then composited with or without sound with Sony Vegas. Please visit http://www.axis3design.com/, or https://vimeo.com/user2651623/videos

We have been in the industry since 1998.

axis3Design Demo Reel 2011
Added on 7/28/2011
This is an overview of my work. This was composited with After Effects.

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