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Trainer of the # 1super bowl commercial 2013 Budweiser Clydesdale
Tommie Turvey, is one of the most versatile stuntman and movie horse trainers of today. Our clients receive the highest level of expertise to get the shots they need. We always hire the best stunman to get the job done. With a large selection of stunt gear and a stable of many breeds of horses, the right equipment, saddles, talented horses and crew, you will get the shot you need with maximum safety for the horse and actor. We train actors to ride natural on camera and how to handle a horse safely with minimal time. We follow the guidelines published by the American Humane Association to ensure a safe set with all animals and crew.
With an impressive resume, hands on training and incredible on-camera presence, Tommie Turvey can make the difference between a good shot and an amazing shot. If you need horses at liberty, bareback, riding, stunts, tricks, falls or just beautiful cinematography with the horse, Tommie Turvey and Equine Extremist Entertainment will get it done right.
Tommie and crew is also proficient in providing all types of stunts, acting, doubling, and coordinating.

We have been in the industry since 1991.

Stunt Reel Tommie Turvey Movie Horses & Stunts
Added on 5/1/2014

These are clips of movies and commercials which Tommie has been involved in as an actor, stuntman or coordinator. These are just some of the projects he has worked with. All rights are retained by…


Tommie Turvey and his team consistently use their cutting edge stunts and horse training to keep the audience on the edge of their seats be it on the big screen or live performance.


He is totally awesome~

Judy Zimmerman Jenkins


Tommy Turvey is a respectable man with talent and kindness. I would trust him second to none! Poker Joe should have his own page too!

Lady Michael

Tommie Turvey is the ultimate horse professional. My daughter has been lucky enough to work with him for several years and I am never disappointed in his professionalism and skill level.


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