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HollyWoof Animal Actors handles animals (mainly dogs and cats) on set for Print, Commercial and Film. We use positive based training methods. We have a great selection of Dog Talent that vary in breed, color, size and age. Our animal actors are proofed with distractions and well socialized. We have amazing dog talent that know a variety of tricks and commands. If your looking for a a special breed or look, just let us know and we can find it for you...and with enough notice can also train any complicated behavior.

Holly is the President and Co-Founder/Owner of Dog Training Academy of South Florida and Hollywoof Canine Actors. The Academy is one of its kind and offers a full curriculum for all levels and disciplines. All training is Force Free. Among the classes: Puppy and Adult dog classes in 3 levels (Puppy/Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced training) as well as Trick, Rally-O, Animal Actor, Reactive Dog, Flyball, Competition Obedience, Sleep Away Camp, Day School Training, Therapy Dog classes and certification and Agility classes.

Holly is an Animal Handler on film and television sets and also a very accomplished actor that has graced the Theater stage and appeared in a number of films. The Dog Training Academy of South Florida also has specialized classes for Dog Actors as well!

Has attended and completed:

Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Trainer (www.positively.com)

Certified in Canine First Aid and CPR

Animal Handler on sets for Print, Commercial and Film

Work with Hollywoof Canine Actors

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