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Today, there are an estimated 13,000 films produced every year, of which approximately only 600 are distributed theatrically, principally by Studios and Mini-Major Distribution Companies ("Distributors"). There are over 5,000 film festivals worldwide, with perhaps a dozen being high profile and attended by ”Distributors”. A major film festival, like the Sundance Film Festival, will receive over 9,000 submissions each year, of which approximately 125 will be chosen to officially screen during the festival. Of those 125 films, perhaps five to ten will be acquired by “Distributors” for Theatrical Release. The remaining 115 Films will leave the festival with no significant distribution deal, and you as the Filmmaker, quickly understanding the impossibility of obtaining a good distribution deal on your own.

These overlooked films have proven themselves by cutting through the clutter of the festival submission process. The problem for you as the Filmmaker is that the “Distributor” has selected their top candidates and paid substantial dollars for the distribution rights to those films. All other films are passed over.

The hard truth is that as an individual filmmaker, you do not have the personal contacts with the “Distributors”, and it’s not worth the “Distributor’s” time and resources to build a relationship. “Distributors” want to invest in a person or group who will deliver a consistent volume of work year after year. The remaining opportunities available to you and your team may be individual small distributors and sales agents who will offer to take your film for no money up front, will hold you, the filmmaker, financially responsible for all additional finishing costs, trailers, promotions, marketing, and deliverable expenses, and will do everything within their power to never pay you what’s due.

I unfortunately know this first hand as a Producer from my first feature film. Additionally, in most instances, a young filmmaker (early in their career) does not have the money or strength to meet these obligations. It's important to understand that Filmmakers are not Distributors. Filmmakers should focus on making more films.

If you, the filmmaker, grant MouseTrap the rights to distribute your film, you'll receive...

•A monetary advance.
•Have the marketing and sales investment provided by MouseTrap Films, LLC.
•Participate in the financial success of your film.
•You, the filmmaker, will see your film Distributed!
It may not be the multi-million dollar acquisition you and your team were hoping for, but it is real money that can be deposited immediately and once you've delivered your film and all associated materials, you will incur no further expenses. MouseTrap will bear the financial risk for the film distribution, marketing, and sales packages. You will get the strength of a company that has the volume and relationships to move your film into the marketplace and enforce and protect the rights and royalties associated with the film. Additionally, you will participate in future profits from your film.

In summary, you, the Filmmaker, will get a better deal than you could ever achieve on your own!

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