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Established in 2002, Hub TV has built up a solid reputation for creating and delivering high quality multimedia content.

Hub TV’s clients are diverse and range from national broadcasters to major corporations, market research and PR companies.

At the heart of what we do is storytelling – driven by insight and fuelled by a passion for delivering memorable and effective video campaigns.

We help large organizations to take on the challenge of making video an integral part of their communication strategy. Where a video strategy doesn’t already exist, we’ll advise on the right blend of video; be that entertainment, helpful content or episodic formats – as well as manage the whole process for your team from production to distribution

Our strategic approach to video production is one that is insight led, whether that be us driving the research or working with your own findings. This generates data driven knowledge, ensuring strategies are emotionally intelligent as they are mined directly from your audience, allowing you to reach, communicate and connect with them directly.

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