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Modern Motion is a Seattle Video Production Company. Ask any of our clients how they feel after a project and their response is always, "That was so fun, I can't wait for the next one!" We are known for making the production process a calm and enjoyable experience.

We are hired by ad agencies, production companies, and directly by clients to direct, produce, shoot and edit corporate, commercial and follow-doc spots.

We bring a wide range of production experience to your project and are well connected in the Seattle and Phoenix market. In the last 5 years and especially during Covid we have been an invaluable resource for clients and other productions bringing minimal crew to town by filling in the gaps locally and reliably. Our production network consists of the best Seattle has to offer. If you are coming to Seattle, you are in good hands.

We believe that the content is more important than the gear but we do offer the latest camera, lens and lighting packages available from Arri, RED, Canon, Sony and Black Magic as well as a variety of drones, stabilizers, dollies and steadicam.

If for some reason we don't offer what you are looking for, we are thrilled to help connect you to the right people here in Seattle.

We have been in the industry since 2006.

Modern Motion - Lighting, Camera and Color Demo Reel
Added on 9/30/2018
Modern Motion's Cinematographer Christopher Meurer - Lighting, Camera and Color Demo Reel

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