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Flintstone, Maryland

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I am a 24 year old graduate of Frostburg State University in the field of Mass Communication with a concentration in video production. I spent my four years of college working as a Producer/Director/Editor for the schools TV Channel FSU-TV3.I am well aquainted with Final Cut Pro and used it throughout the entirety of my college career. I have dabbled in Motion and became proficient in LiveType during my time there as well. Many of my works can be found on the internet, some of which have been used for local business', festivals, etc. I have also filmed several weddings as well as edited them. I am looking to become a full time video production worker as I am well rounded in the different fields of the trade. I am willing to relocate almost anywhere. Please contact me at 301-707-3845 Thank You

I have been in the industry since 2005.

Sexual Assault PSA
Added on 8/30/2011
This PSA was created to raise awareness of sexual assault on campus and to encourage new students of the low rate of sexual assaults that occur there.

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