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Video Editor with eight years of experience working freelance, remote, in-house, and with production companies. I have a wide range of work that touches National Commercials, short form Youtube Comedy, Narrative projects, and Concert Visuals.

I have strong organizational skills, a deep knowledge of file codecs, and an understating of the entire post production pipeline. Early on in my career I worked alongside talented VFX artists, and have become a self taught VFX Artist myself working mainly with keying, cleanup, comping, and motion graphics. I have worked on projects big and small, and over the years I have learned to communicate with every department on set and off to make projects smoother.

I started with the Adobe Suite, and will die with the Adobe Suite. Roundtripping between programs is a no brainer; I've been responsible for Editing in Premiere, Sound Design/Mix in Audition, VFX work in After Effects, and more. Lately I've been investigating algorithms and other programs to make myself an even stronger one man band.

Over the years I've been fortunate to work with companies and artists I only ever dreamed of when I first moved to Los Angeles, and the way I've made that happen is by being able to do the work of ten people. Comfortable working independently or with a team, remotely, in the edit bay, the office, and on set with production.

I have been in the industry since 2012.

2019 Reel
Added on 10/2/2019
Editing and VFX reel of work I've done. Check out my website for my portfolio.

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