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South Orange, New Jersey

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Seeking to work as an assistant in the music/television/film industry to establish a career in live show production.

Education and Training
• Santa Barbara City College • Santa Barbara, CA 93109-2394 Music Major with Concentration on Jazz Performance; Final GPA: 3.75
• Institute of Audio Research • New York, NY 10003 900-hour Audio Recording & Music Production Training (October 2006 – March 2008) Concentration on Audio Engineering and Talent Coordination

Summary of Qualifications
• Punctual, organized, professional, detail-oriented and incredibly driven; will exhaust all possible options to complete any given assignment.
• Strong interpersonal skills, having dealt with a variety of professional/executive clients and staff.
• Competent use of Pro Tools and Logic software for audio recording and editing, MS Office, MS Outlook, Type speed of 65 WPM
• Fluent in Spanish and linguistically apt toward other Roman languages.

Relevant Demonstrations of Aptitude
• True Talent Management ● Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Owner: Jennifer Yeko (310) 560-1290 Position: A&R/Music Supervisor (January 2010 – May 2010)
Responsibilities include music licensing, radio promotion, contacting various industry professionals and evaluating various talent to be fit for TV, film, or video games.
• MTV Networks: Spike TV ● Santa Monica, CA 90404
Supervisor: Jeff Savaiano (310) 407-4705 Position: Original Series Development (January 2010 – April 2010)
Responsibilities include taking pitches, work alongside production companies, create pilots and turn them into a series. Sit in business and staff meetings, work on research and development for shows, while at the same time also providing administrative support in order for the department to maximize its productivity.
• 92.9 KJEE: Santa Barbara’s Modern Rock Radio ● Santa Barbara, CA 93101 Position: General Intern and Radio Station Representative (August 2009 – August 2010) Station Owner: Eddie Guitierrez (805) 962-4588
Responsibilities include Board Operator for Loveline, operating remote-broadcast locations such Nite Moves, Rock-and-Bowl Theater, and various music festivals, MS Office, Pro Tools, maintaining a professionalism at all times.
• Redemption Studios ● Clifton, NJ 07011 Position: Assistant Engineer (May 2008 – May 2009)
Chief Engineer: Tommy Hayes (973) 851-6261
Responsibilities include proficient use of Pro Tools HD, care of studio equipment and artist liaison. Credits include tracking Darryl McDaniels (formerly of legendary Run DMC), Robert Clivillés (formerly of C+C Music Factory) local artist Resurrection and assistant to professional sound engineer, Bruce A Miller.

Employment History
• Upper Ground Enterprises (Kitchen Nightmares) • Los Angeles, CA
Production Manager: Jackie Palombo (401) 862 0239 (July 2010) (Freelance) Position: Production Assistant
Responsibilities include assistance in set construction/destruction, using various company vehicles for errands, securing safety on television set, facilitating constant productivity and maintaining an amiable persona while on or off the set.
• Vin Di Bona Productions (America’s Funniest Home Videos) • Santa Monica, CA
Production Coordinator: Brad Gage (310) 442-564 (August 2010) (Freelance) Position: Production Assistant
Responsibilities include catering to talent and executives alike, facilitating proper workflow between the business and technical standpoints, running errands, handling any and all types of task properly and efficiently.
• Rugby by Ralph Lauren ● Short Hills, NJ 07078 Position: Sales Professional (October 2010 – August 2011)
General Manager: Dennis Sarkozy (973) 379-3749
Responsibilities include exceptional customer service in a high-end fashion retail environment, wardrobe consulting, new-hire training, merchandising, money handling. Consistent in top-ranked sales.
• Sam Ash Music Corp. / Manny’s Music, LLC • Springfield, NJ 07081 / Hollywood, CA 90046
Position: Pro Audio Specialist/Studio Consultant (April 2008 – July 2009)
General Manager (Springfield): George Rigney (973) 376-5161
General/Regional Manager (Hollywood): TJ Milian (323) 850-1050
Responsibilities include extensive knowledge of audio equipment in live and studio applications, home and studio consulting and installation, consistently top-ranked in sales while in a commission-based environment.

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