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About Us

Women in the Director''s Chair (WIDC) is a Chicago-based, international media arts /activist center which exhibits, promotes, and educates about media made by women, girls and transgendered people that express a diversity of cultures, experiences, and issues.

We strive to expand and create new audiences for this work and to advance the use of alternative media for social change. It is our mission to raise the visibility of women media makers and to support the production of alternative media that defies demeaning stereotypes perpetuated by mainstream media.

We seek to encourage the development of strategies of resistance that combat inaccuracy with truth, and replace perpetual disenfranchisement with community.

It is our belief that educated viewers are critical viewers who become vocal and active participants in the social forces that shape our culture. WIDC also serves as a network where independent media artists share ideas, skills, and opportunities.

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