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THG Aerial Film Unit

THG Helicopters Unit has provided aerial filming and coordination for some of the biggest and best films and TV show in New york. We have provided helicopter services for the Film Industry since 1999.

Operating with an approved Motion Picture Manual, the Aerial Film Unit provides skilled pilots, production services, camera platforms and movie helicopters for the motion picture and television industries.

Our extensive experience in film, television and music videos makes the Aerial Film Unit the most efficient and effective choice to achieve exceptional aerial cinematography.

THG Helicopters is active in the television and video industries and provides experienced pilots, production services, camera platforms and story helicopters.


Peter started flying in 1992. Always having a love for helicopters, he finally took the opportunity to get his helicopter rating . This started his career in aviation in which he has accumulated many flight hours. With extensive flying experience since 1992, and working in film, television and music videos since 1999 it makes the THG Aerial Film Unit the most efficient and effective choice. With an FAA approved Motion Picture Manual,peter has developed an excellent reputation with directors and camera operators as a pilot they can depend on to get the best shots while keeping them safe. Peter has been credited in many television shows and commercials,

achieve exceptional results in any format.

Our selection of helicopters and mounts affords you a wide variety of camera platforms. Over the years, we've done everything from off-road racing, to live television coverage, to local documentaries and television shows making THG Helicopters your first choice for aerial video. Our seasoned camera pilot's knowledge and professionalism will guarantee you the most stunning shots.

We have been in the industry since 1999.

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