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Mystic Wanderer Innovative Media is upcoming and independent production house that aims to develop and produce non-fiction genre of media imagery encompassing a broad variety of subject topics through diverse means and experiences with the end-result meant for overall awareness and education, individual and collective.

Through our vision, commitment, innovation and creativity we intend to leave our distinct footprints in the realm of non-fiction productions. We aspire to create powerful and qualitative illustrations for the global audience through inspiration, challenge; ingenuity and technology as we know it and take it a notch further to make it more enjoyable for folks from all walks of life. This shall also enable us to land a hand, to all in need, to the best of our capabilities.

Mystic Wanderer Productions is located in the New Delhi, India. Video and Audio production remain the primary functions of the company.

The company is a limited liability private limited corporation. We are working with many Emmy Awarded and Oscar Nominated Directors of the Hollywood on Documentary Movies, Movies and Travel Series.

We have been in the industry since 2011.

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