Virtual Image Productions, Inc.

Durham, North Carolina

About Us

We produce high-end, broadcast HD camera work, sUAV / Drone and Full Scale Aerial Cinematography. Central North Carolina based, award winning cinematographers and technicians, over 25 years in field experience, with many national TV Networks, Fortune 500, and international credits. We cover virtually any environment, air, land or underwater.

Virtual Image Productions, Inc., specialized in capturing the finest quality video production available. Veteran Director of Photography, and UAV Aerial Cinematographer, owner/operator, Ken Hackney established ViP, Inc in 1995. Hundreds of network broadcast news, sports, commercial, documentary, and corporate production credits, we can cover most any production.

Specialties include "active-camera" shots, using radio-controlled multi-rotor camera drones, for stunning, low altitude aerial angles, also full-scale helicopter aerial shots, stabilized gimbals, Steadicams, slider/dollies, and hand-held rigs.

"RC Aerial cinematography is gaining rapid popularity. The important thing to remember when choosing your aerial crew is (1) the team's safety record, (2) expert camera skills and experience, (3) pilot and flight skills. Pilot skills are crucial but alone are of limited use on this visual-centric plain. A well seasoned DP/gimbal operator, can interpret, choreograph, and create your vision, well beyond the ordinary. Our award winning team can elevate your expectations."

We have been in the industry since 1984.

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