About Me

Professional, reliable and outgoing.

Acting Technique: Charles Poling (Hillsborough Community College)
Acting and Repitition: Charles Poling (Hillsborough Community College)
Voiceover Techniques: Trish Basanyi (Such-A-Voice)
Commercial Performance, Scene Study, Improvisation, Voiceover: Sarah Fisher
Auditioning Techniques: Steve Roberts
Cold Read: Lee Pearson
Monologue: Justin Padilla
Vocal Lessons: Kennedy Grant
Fashion Commercial Print: Darcy Britton-Kant
Vocal Lessons: Rosemary Riquel
Improvisation: Ricky Wayne
THe Conscious Actor: Jayne Trinette
Exercises, Technique, Monologue, Scene Study: Tasha Smith (TSAW)

American Sign Language (intermediate), Bachata, Baking, Basketball, Boxing, Bowling, Chorus, Cooking, Crocheting, Dancing (Hip Hop), Dodgeball, Fumble, Hosting, Improvisation, Jumping Rope, Kickball, Public Speaking,
Rollerblading, Salsa, Skating, Softball, Stepping, Swimming, Teleprompter, Voice Characterization, Volleyball, Various Dialects (African, British, Geechie, Jamaican, Middle Eastern, Russian, New York, Scottish, Southern)

Work with Brandy Grant

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