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Personally providing Experienced and Professional Lighting/Grip services. Serving local clients and Producers'/DPs' coming to the Mid-Atlantic region for commercial, corporate, industrial, political, web based and still photography needs. 35 years of very successful results, all with a great attitude, please see recommendations.

I have access to, and transpo of, grip/lighting gear for smaller sized shoots. Also available is a Honda EU clean power generator system. It delivers 60amps/7500 watts Continuous power, with Bates 60amp distro cabling and 120v Edison plug in. Can power an Arri 4K HMI and additional with ease. Plus a Honda EU 2K genny for other needs. Many possibilities with these portable and very dependable components. All is well maintained and very low hours. See Photo Gallery pictures.

804-248-8947 or email pf.inc@verizon.net


Very pleased with Paul and his services. Our agency in Dallas needed a gaffer for a production in the DC area. Paul exceeded expectations on every account and his knowledge/expertise and ideas made a difference in the production quality of the shoot. Couldn't recommend his services enough. When you are traveling to the area and need a dependable crew member, he's your guy. You might even try him regardless of the shoot location.

Chris Weatherley

It is always risky to travel from another area of the country and work with a grip/gaffer you are not familiar with. I've worked with Paul twice now. Paul is meticulous in his preparation, when we had special equipment requests, he was able to provide it with no problem whatsoever. He is a very knowledgeable, professional, and definitely a hard worker. If I need a gaffer/grip/gear anywhere in Virginia, he is the first person I would call.

I came in from out of town needing a small G&E package. Was planning on renting but Paul suggested I bring him on as gaffer to deliver the lights and set up and tear down. Glad I did. It made the trip and the shoot so much easier. And he brought some great ideas for the lighting design. Great communication prior to the shoot and very dependable.

M Havener

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