Shawn O'Connor

Stockton, California


About Me

I’m 23yrs old. I started producing and singing my own music around 2003 working with D.A.W's like REASON, AUDITION 3.0. PRO TOOLS and CUBASS. I digitally create, compose, mix, master, from start to finish, I do it all with my small production team which includes: Wali Shakoor (artist, writer, visual director), Norman Boyden (artist, audio producer), and Jose Arceo (artist, graphic designer, audio engineer). I am currently a full time student/Tutor in the media arts department of SJDC. I'm slowly making my way into video production and have 5 music video’s under my belt. As far as production we've got everything covered and we're in search for a manager or contract or just the big break we’ve all been working so hard to get.. Check out are stuff which can be seen on Facebook or YouTube under my channel MrSeandoe100. And if you’re not impressed I'll slap myself. (lol)..... Artist profiles on F.B (Sean Doe, PROFIT SHAKOOR, Norm Rockwell, and Boo Nut)

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