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SHOOTMedia LLC is a premier consulting company, focused on developing and executing targeted marketing strategies for its broad range of clientele. SHOOTMedia’s clients include many of today’s hottest celebrity athletes, including sports ranging from Mixed Martial Arts and Professional Football to Auto Racing and the Olympics as well as various corporate clients. SHOOTMedia’s strategies range from creating advertising campaigns and staging product launches for its corporate clients, to red carpet media events and autograph signings for its athlete clients. When it comes to sports marketing, SHOOTMedia is uniquely situated to leverage its relationships with its professional athletes in a consorted effort to promote the specific products and services of its corporate clients. SHOOTMedia’s skillful approach in pairing a precise athlete with a corresponding and complimentary sponsor is an essential element behind its success.

SHOOTMedia has developed a highly targeted production services platform (called “TheSHOOT!”), to complement its diverse range of marketing strategies. “TheSHOOT!” is SHOOTMedia’s production services arm, leveraged by clients to reach a targeted demographic with a specific kind of video based content. Whether producing a viral commercial advertisement for a corporate conglomerate, or showcasing and chronicling the lifestyle of a specific celebrity athlete, TheSHOOT! is a powerful tool utilized to reach a broad and diverse demographic. Having partnered with Yahoo! Sports since 2009 with dedicated channels on both the MMA and NFL pages, respectively, TheSHOOT! has taken the sports world by storm, having produced and distributed more than 75 video productions within the last 18 months!

Fueled by passion, enthusiasm and integrity, SHOOTMedia prides itself in developing genuine and sincere relationships with its clients and partners alike. The ability to establish meaningful and authentic relationships with its clients/partners is central to SHOOTMedia’s philosophy, and the fundamental element behind SHOOTMedia’s success.

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