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Pasadena, California

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Crafty TJ Services opened its doors in the Las Vegas and Los
Angeles area in 2010. Since its inception it has
served a host of independent, student and lowbudget
films. In addition, to working on
numerous photo shoots and commercials.
Crafty TJ’s founder Tosha Johnson, began her
career in Hollywood as a Production Assistant.
With each job that she worked, she noted the
significant and vital role that craft services
provided. Equipped with a coffee pot and a
folding table Tosha set out to provide the media
industry with exceptional service, that was
dedicated to supplying healthy and affordable
snacks. Rooted in her model, “A well fed Crew is
a Happy crew,” Tosha creates unique and
healthy snacks that will energize any crew.

I have been in the industry since 2010.

Added on 1/24/2019
Actress describing a Persian Catering that I was hired to do for an independent film

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