Saul Barran

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


About Me

Name : Saul Barran
Mobile UAE : (+971) 050 167 3634
Email :
Location : United Arab Emirates London, UK
Nationality : British
Visa : UAE
Native Language : English
Other Languages : Portuguese (fluent), French (good working knowledge) Driving License : UK, UAE & International
Drone Pilot License : UAE & European Union

Main Crew Role:
Digital Imaging Technician

Supporting Crew Roles:

Phantom Flex 4K Camera Operator
Ronin Gimbal (Owner and Operator)
Drone Camera Operator (Owner and Operator)
Drone Pilot (Owner and Operator)
CableCam (Owner and Operator)

With training in production, post-production and an academic background in Media, Design and Information Technology I became a Digital Imaging Technician (DIT) in 2011. After participating in some of the earliest courses available, I began my on-set journey in the UK, learning from innovators in the field of digital filmmaking. Throughout my professional journey, I have contributed to hundreds of projects across a wide range of media content, including internet, television commercials, viral videos, music videos, TV series, corporate films, short films, and feature films
As a DIT, I have honed my skills on over 350 television commercials, gaining extensive production experience and a comprehensive understanding of cameras, formats, and digital workflows.
I have worked with many talented DOPs and Directors, who appreciate my diligence, attention to detail, on-set adaptability, and strong relationships with production, post-production and crew.
Operating in challenging conditions and managing large camera setups, massive amounts of data, and complex post-production workflows, I stay updated with the latest camera technology to provide full support to the camera department.
I collaborate with DOPs to overcome technological challenges and achieve their desired on-set look, offering color-managed workflows and support for data-intensive 4k to 8k RAW multicamera shoots.
I also consult with production and post production teams to create efficient and secure workflows, ensuring that our clients have confidence in the handling of valuable footage.
Throughout my career, I have had the honor of being trusted to manage complex cameras, setups, and workflows on set, delivering precious footage to post-production for top international production companies, agencies, and high-profile VIPs, celebrities, and actors such as RSA, BBDO, UAE royalty, Rory Mcllroy, Roger Federer, Kanye West, Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Jackie Chan, Chris Pine, Shah Rukh Khan, Simon Pegg, Gerard Butler, and Jason Momoa..

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