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Stockton on Teme, United Kingdom

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For the past two years, I have been teaching at a High School in South Korea. Teaching classes of 20-30 students and also working with fellow teachers towards improving their use of English and ability to teach it in school. In my 2 years there, I feel I improved as a teacher, and also as a person, in terms of self-confidence and ability to communicate with the class. I feel that the experience was both enjoyable and rewarding.
I have previously been employed as a restaurant duty manager, which shows that I am responsible, and also that I, as the head of a reasonably large team, can complete any tasks required of me to a standard that is approved by the company. My role included the handling of large amounts of cash, attending to and looking after the wellbeing of the customers, and the management of the staff. I was also responsible in part for the hiring and training processes.
I have completed a degree in Film, Theatre and Television Studies at York St. John University. On this degree, I became particularly enthusiastic about the process of making interesting yet informative news for broadcast.
I am hardworking, responsible and enthusiastic about my work. I am constantly attempting to improve myself and learn more skills and abilities. I work well as part of a team, but am also adept at completing tasks on my own when required.
As part of the third year of my University course, I was the editor for the short film project ‘Oranges and Lemons’, which won me an award for the standard of the post-production work. I am very proud of this fact and feel that it was a demonstration of the hard work and time that I dedicated to my role.
I have a passion for writing in all forms. I am a keen reader and expanding and improving my vocabulary is something that I am always striving to do.
I feel that I am a responsible, mature individual who strives to achieve a final goal which surpasses the expected requirements. I am outgoing and friendly, and have a positive outlook towards life.
I would very much like to improve the skills I already feel I possess, and any work that would help me do this I feel would be beneficial. I would also like to pursue a career that I can personally grow and improve in, while at the same time bringing to the role my own unique perspectives and abilities.

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