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Your message is more than a theme or a tagline. It is the inspiration and motivation that drives your people - and your customers - forward to ever-higher levels of performance and excellence. How that message is delivered will make the difference in how it is integrated into your corporate culture.

ITC knows how to transform a meeting into a “show”, because theater is a large part of our heritage. We are experts at scaling a meeting to properly fit the message and the audience…doing exactly what is necessary to meet the objectives set forth by our clients through Integrated Production Solutions.

And, most importantly, we work diligently, within a client’s budget parameters, to obtain the desired results. This is where our full-time staff and equipment resources become our competitive advantage. Our staff and equipment have a set fee, without the 10-50% mark-up that is common to agency-style vendors using predominantly outside labor and equipment.

In short…you get exactly what you pay for, and no less.

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