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Creative Development Team, Specializing in Branded Content, Concept and Production of commercial advertisements, Trailers, Sizzles and Pilots for new Television Series, or Viral Online Media Advertising and Social Marketing, We specialize in Spot Production, Scripting, Filming, Editing, and Digital Media Planning.

Golden Slate Productions is committed to producing the highest quality of projects ranging from live events, reality television, scripted television and documentary.

We seek to produce the best projects for a wide variety of audiences.
Develop long lasting relations with a large network of talent and funding.
We are passionate about our projects and hope to make audiences connect on a personal level to stories and people alike encompassing a totality of ideas, perspectives, attitudes, memes, images and other phenomena igniting a passion for media.

“Head of Golden Slate Productions, Trent Waters is a thoughtful business man with a determination for success. His ability to bring the right team together is matched only by his ability to seamlessly deliver a project from concept to fruition.” October 3, 2011
-Camille LaBry, Producer/Line Producer, Blake West Films

“I would highly recommend Trent for many reasons, a few being.... His creative "out of the box" approach, his professionalism, his passion for what he does & the quality of his work and team! Anyone looking for a professional, creative, diligent production crew...Trent and Golden Slate Productions is the right team!” April 10, 2011
-Rachel Noelle, President, Baby G Music

“Trent is one of the most motivated producers that I've dealt with in some time. I was impressed by his vision and the ability to take control of a full-scale production, not only with a creative mind, but business acumen as well. He has a good eye for talent and is loyal to his team - a trait that is difficult to find in this town. One can easily see that his passion and drive are contagious and create a work environment that makes people bring their best at all times. I'll definitely be watching as Trent continues to expand his company and make his mark on the industry.” March 19, 2011
-Nicole Blum, Show Runner/Producer, Eyeboogie, Inc

“I have been lucky enough to work with Trent over the past few months and am impressed with his creativity as well as how easy it is to work with him. But, what stands out for me about Trent, in a business that is so full of talk and hot air, is that he regularly and reliably delivers concrete results and that his results are of the highest, most professional quality.” March 17, 2011
-Susie Arnett, VP, Programming-Lifetime and USA Networks, Consulting Producer, Susie Arnett

“Trent is quick, creative, smart, and fun to be around. He’s always calm under pressure, knows the right questions to ask, and never needs hand holding. He gets things done. I highly recommend his services for your productions.” March 9, 2011
-Giselle Rivera, Producer, VH1

“I've worked with Trent on a couple of projects now, and the most significant thing about him is that he's a man of his word. If he says he's going to do it, he gets it done, and he gets it done professionally, no matter if he's working with limited resources. In a business that attracts a lot of talkers, it's always nice to work with someone who means what they say, and has the werewithal to make things happen. Beyond that, the work speaks for itself. He's a great motivator of people who creates and generates quality material, including sizzle reels that are more ready-for-air than a lot of what actually makes it on TV these days. Having worked extensively in both reality and scripted television, I know the real deal when I see one, and Trent has what it takes, in spades.” March 15, 2011
-Stephen Brophy, Writer, NBC/Universal

Golden Slate Productions Demo Reel 2011
Added on 10/19/2011

Demo reel for Golden Slate Productions, LLC.

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