Kamran Naseem

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

About Me

Cirque Films
We produce films with a style and passion that is perhaps unparalleled. Our productions, whether ad and corporate films, social media content, animation and more are not only rich in content but are designed to allow your audience to experience the essence of your message.

Kamran Naseem, Founder of Cirque Films is a director/ producer with a knack for seeking challenges in the field of video production. Passionate about what he does, he masters the ability to create something beautiful out of nothing. Focus on quality than quantity is what drives his success in the art of film direction. His set of ideas and imagination has no restriction as he drives inspiration from the absolute simple and day-to-day things in life to the most extravagant and luxuriant samples of life.

We like to challenge and push our aesthetic boundaries, and take pride in working with young, energetic and a diversified set of mindful individuals. It strengthens our ability to work with others and create a stronger and more impactful culture of the art.

Come and experience the world through our lens at Cirque Films. Create magic by encircling the essence of life like never before!

I have been in the industry since 2014.

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