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Extensive experience in video playback, audio conforming, transfer, video digitization, transcoding, compression, Final Cut Pro and Protools editor,
stage recordist, and archiving, of post production and dub stage workflow, along with
a strong cinematic, musical, and detail oriented sonic skill.

Magic A. Moreno
is an internationally known Producer / Mixer, Writer / Singer / Performer, who has
recorded, performed with, and/or produced such artists as Steve Vai, Eric Clapton, David
Lee Roth, Barbra Streisand, Aretha Franklin and The Commodors.
"Including such work style diversification as Jazz with Miles Davis, Country with Gary
Morris, and R&B with Michael Jackson, Tina Marie and Natalie Cole.
The list goes on to include Tina Turner, Melissa Manchester, Phil Collins,
Gregg Bissonette, etc. etc.
He has mixed and engineered records internationally for such artists as; Franco DeVita,
Ilan Chester, Juan Carlos and Juan Gabrial in Venezuela, Madrid, Paris, Switzerland and
Sophia, Bulgaria, mixing "Rose Fever" for the Bulgarian Government.
As the lead singer/writer/producer of the prominent 1990s rock band “TREASON”, he
toured and recorded extensively.
Magic is currently the singer and producer
for the New Age sensation "INNER LIGHT", and is also a prolific spiritual solo artist.
He has had a 25 year association with Theartical and Television post production, as
dubbing mixer and international format conversion specialist.
Along with his nine gold and platinum records, and three Grammy nominations, his
music has appeared in Motion Pictures and Television alike.
Magic owns and operates Magic Presence Studios in Redondo Beach, California, an
exclusively 192K facility for tracking and mixing stereo and 5.1 DVD-A formats,
including post production audio for Theatrical, and High Definition Television


Skills /
• Hands-on, operational knowledge of all sound-recording media and platforms.
• Extensive understanding of analog and digital formats relating to video and audio post production workflows.
• Final Cut Pro, clip & titles insertion, import & format conversion Picture Editing.
• Ability to communicate clearly and professionally with all manner of staff, clientele, and senior management.
• Ability to comprehend and apply complex technical procedures and policies.
• Highly adaptive to new technologies and protocols.
• Strong creative and design sensibilities.
• Bilingual, Spanish and English, including broadcast and production terminology.
• Comfortable with public speaking and presentations.
• A self-motivated, team-oriented, industry professional.
• Three Grammy Nominations for albums Mixed.
• Awarded Nine Platinum and Gold selling Records as Mixer / Eng. for the artists:
Barbra Streisand, Eric Clapton, David Lee Roth, Franco DeVita.

Experience: TREASON PUBLISHING & ENT-(1990-Present) Manager, Sales, Production.
TECHNICOLOR SOUND STUDIOS – (2010) Video Layback & Conform
PARAMOUNT STUDIOS- (2010) Video Layback & Conform.
WARNER BROS. STUDIOS – (2010) Video Layback / Laydown
MAGIC PRESENCE STUDIOS-(1996-Present) Manager, Mixer, Engineer
TODD HOLLYWOOD / CSS STUDIOS – (Nov. 1989 to Present)
Responsibilities included: Video layback, transfer, conforming, PAL & sample rates, standards conversions, audio QC, picture digitization, theatrical DVD audio conforming, theatrical and television stage mixing and recording, and audio archiving,
including format migration and preservation.
Clients included: Universal, Fox, Warner, HBO, Disney.
Projects include: Avatar, Star Trek, A perfect Getaway, Law Abiding Citizen,
Inglourious Basterds, Pacific, Robin Hood, True Grit, Glee, Morning Glory.

VIACOM / LORIMAR STUDIOS – (Dec. 1985 to Nov. 1989)
Responsibilities included: Video Layback , FX Editor, Transfer.
MGM STUDIOS – (Oct. 1984 to Dec 1985)
Responsibilities included: Scoring, Video Layback, Transfer
OCEANWAY RECORDING STUDIOS – (June 1982 to Oct. 1984)
Responsibilities included: Mixer / Engineer
A&M RECORDS – (April 1982 to Sept 1984)
Responsibilities included: Mixer / Engineer
Responsibilities included: Recording Engineer, Stage Manager

Recording Studio clients include: The Commodores, Michael Jackson, Miles Davis, Natelie Cole, Phil Collins, Tina Turner, Steve Vai, David Lee Roth.

Sound Production /
Operational Experience:

• Layback to HDSR, HD Cam, D5, Digibetacam, Pal Digibetacam,
• NTSC, PAL, Theatrical and 23.98 multi stem conforming to picture.
• Final Cut Pro, clip & titles timeline insertion and effects.
• Picture Digitization / Time Base Correction
• Video transfer and conversion to all mediums.
• Archival – Retrospect, Exybite, ADR, AIT, server domain organization.
• Protools / Nuendo Setup, conforming, importing, editing & recording.
• Multi Channel Interleaved BW meta data construction.
• SMPTE Time Code conversions, NTSC, Pal, 23.98, & 24fps formats.
• Multi Stem combining for M&E and Print Master Stem Mix Crashdown.
• Record, Playback & Formatting of all Digital Mediums: Hard Drive, MO Drive, DVD, DA-98 HR, Sony ½ Digital, Mitsubishi 32 Track Digital.
• TC Dat, Adat, Diva, Nagra-D
• All MAG Formats 3X, 4X, 6X, 16mm, 70mm & optical,
set up, align, record & edit proficient
• All Analogue Tape Formats 24Track, ¼”, ½”, set up, align, record, edit.
set up, align, record & edit proficient
• All Analogue Tape Formats 24Track, ¼”, ½”, set up, align, record, edit.

Education: Cal State University Los Angeles Ca.
Physics, musicology, film post production, undergraduate
Santa Monica College Ca.
Music composition, vocal and orchestral manuscript transposition.
Ogden Broadcast School of Engineering, Huntington Bch. Ca.
1st Class Radio-Telephone Operator’s License
Flour Corporation Electrical Design Training Certification
Electrical Design and Blue Print Markup Certificate
Gallencamp Managerial Training
Mitchell Boys School of Music, Performance and Site Reading

Interests: Producing Records, Developing Artists, Vocal Performer, Meditation,
Being a Father, Fencing, Martial Arts, Skiing, Motorcycles, Travel.

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