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Tommy Video Company provides consumers and professionals with incredible animated assets that make the most of motion graphics. The company pioneered animated backgrounds in 1990s with a range of incredible animated backgrounds for professional video editors. Today, Tommy Video Company pushes the boundaries with innovative digital graphics that fuel motion media.

The company also challenged the graphics industry with broad licensing terms that give resellers rights to re-brand and resell the product on a royalty-free basis and keep all the profits from sales, saying good-bye to revenue sharing agreements.

Home users can take these animations and use them to create memorable wedding footage or home video of their kids, tell the story of their lives, compose exciting podcast or put together next YouTube hit. Businesses can use video backgrounds to deliver dramatic keynote or business presentation, overhaul boring logo animation and corporate videos or create atmosphere in bars, restaurants, waiting rooms, public places, night clubs, trade shows, concerts and venues. Professional video editor can use animated backgrounds to make catchy commercials for their clients, create professional motion DVD menus or create dynamic jingles and Hollywood-style video compositions.

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Added on 10/20/2011
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