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Los Angeles, California

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Stage Manager; FTSI Navigator Automation programmer.

I worked as a Head of Automation and Stage Manager for Cirque du Soleil on three different shows in Vegas and on tour in Europe and Australia. I called or coordinated from backstage over 1500 performances with large automation pieces and highly complicated artistic acts. I am used to the rigors of highly charged environments where high expectations is always an understatement. I believe my skills can translate to every branch of the entertainment industry. As a programmer, I have worked with everything from Video Walls to Performer flights and with Artists from Cirque performers to Bon Jovi and a season on live TV with America's Got Talent. I see my ability to see both the technical and artistic side of every production as an asset. I have recently moved to LA and I am looking to branch my talent into new opportunities. I am freelancing as an Automation Operator but I am always looking for new ways to stretch my skills. I grew up in the theatre industry but mama has a new interest now.

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