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Long Beach, California

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When it comes to composition and production, look no further! I have been composing and arranging for over fifteen years... with experience in orchestral, film, production, and popular music. I started off with an AA in Music Production and Audio Tech and an AS in Education at Valencia College in Orlando, Florida. Then after touring with a band that I was the soul writer for I obtained a Bachelor's of Music in Contemporary Writing and Production from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. The key to a successful project isn't just the hook. One needs to understand that each instrument you use in your orchestration has a personality that varies the further you delve into their range, and like each instrument, each player has a threshold. I know how to talk to my musicians and get the most of every recorded take through positive vibes, and accurate writing. I also have experience in copyist work.. and am a master at transcription.

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