About Me

I am a Creative Producer and a Director/Director of Photography with over 10 years experience working with companies and agencies to help create a specific brand and style that helps their company gain a customer following and allows them to stand out among their competition. I also have years of editing and post compositing under my belt as well, I have managed many projects from pre-production all the way to color finishing and delivery working hands on as director, DP, editor, motion graphics artist, 3D animator, colorist and exporting and compression for final delivery. What makes this such a great ability is that I already know how I want the piece edited and composited, if compositing is needed, so I know exactly how to shoot it so that post goes smoothly and I also can explain to clients on set why a certain shot is being executes a certain way for post-production. I have worked with big agencies such as GSD&M, Latin Works, McGarrah Jesse, HCB Health, Door Number 3, Marketing Matters, and many more.

I have been in the industry since 2005.

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