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Jeff Parker is a freelance food stylist, culinary producer, cookbook author, chef and owner of Food Crew Culinary Media Services. Although based in New York, he is available for work Los Angeles as well as globally.

Having a multi-faceted career that spans fashion, interior design and the pursuit of culinary happiness, Jeff Parker is inspired by all aspects of design to create mouth-watering, stomach-growling images. His creative and diversified styling is designed to meet the client’s specifications while staying in-step with current market trends.

Jeff specializes in food styling for cookbooks, magazines, advertising agencies, and television. As a culinary producer, he provides segment blocking for television cooking shows, satellite media tours, as well as celebrity chef cooking appearances.

As a trained chef, Jeff brings a modern approach to developing new and highly creative recipes, ideas, and products with sound culinary knowledge and an awareness of consumer trends. Recipes are developed with a commitment to quality and approachability with easy to follow directions that are suitable for the home cook.

Cookbook authors, food writers, advertising agencies, product manufacturers, et al. have utilized Jeff’s talents to develop and test recipes in a timely and efficient manner to complete satisfaction.

We have been in the industry since 2001.

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