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20th century cool antiques and props is located in Toronto and features a wide variety of machine age antiques, baggage and factory carts, industrial furniture, tanker desk drafting tables, 1950's to 1980's original movie posters all sizes and genres, jukeboxes and wall boxes, tins, 1940's to 60's household objects and decor, calenders, pop signs, tools, prohibition Kuntz's brewery pop signs, pinups all kinds, magazines all kinds, hundreds of categories of antique original artifacts of pop culture. Pocketbooks 1940's to 60's, huge Beatles and rock and roll archive, period stills 8"x10" black and white all genres, pulp sci-fi books, period soda fountain and glassware, gypsy fortune teller, 35 foot camel sign, antique toys, 8' coca cola sign from the late 40's early 50's in original wooden frame, clocks, lighting, framed outsider art, paint by numbers, 1950's and 60's games, die-cast cars dinky lesney matchbox, kitchen items 1920's to 60's, telephones, radios, transistor radios, pedal cars, 50's stage lights, neon, bowling and golf trophies, period graphics, batman, super hero, star trek, et and star wars toys posters records action figures, action jackson figures, meccano sets all in original boxes, 1940's to 60's ashtrays and cigarette lighters, 500 different salt and pepper shakers 1910 to 1970, rcmp and niagara falls collection, scottish and irish souvenirs, nyc and worldwide souvenirs, colourful drinking glasses and holders 1940's to 1970's, gum cards 1950's to 90's, elsie the borden cow 3-d rubber bust, britains farm animals ,toy soldiers and coronation coaches, miniature sparks circus tents and parade, green army men, barbie and ken and many large action figures, labels firecracker baggage sardine can cigar and fruit crate and many more from our 100,000 objects archive. Ask us for your specific wants. We also source. 20th century cool ... Find us on Facebook.

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