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Filmmakers At Sea was created in 2007. It started on a private cabin cruiser with just a few students. We have the broad brush detailed production experience with a combined 50+ years of Film and T.V. production knowledge. We have award winning Directors,DP's,Producers and Editors as hands on Sea and Land instructors to guide you through the course.

We take you on a first class 7 day cruise where you will learn basic film making while in route to exotic ports of call. You get to make a short film while your on these locations. You will have the opportunity to shoot and edit your short before you get back to your original port of embarkation. You can take the FAS course just for your own
edification or you can submit your short professionally.

We provide for our FAS students the use of a Pro filmmakers camera, a portable sound package and a portable light kit.

Filmmakers At Sea will provide an online support team and an 800 # for all FAS students past and present.

We have been in the industry since 2007.

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