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West Hollywood, California

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Just like with a lot of things, I want to expand my horizons. Moving from Boston to Los Angeles was a big step for me. I would not have left without knowing for sure that Im better than most at the skills I have acquired. For six years I was freelancing in Boston as an audio engineer. I got to work lots of huge festivals or did gigs where I was lighting Joe Biden in a tiny room or producing records at studios. Using my skills I feel I can accomplish what needs to get done.

Being a freelance audio engineer for six years has helped me see the different facets of what it takes to achieve goals in an efficient and timely fashion. Whether its editing the drum takes on pro tools or having to set up a PA for President Obama. I have had to learn to adapt to my environment and have goals come to fruition.

On top of being an over achiever, its really important to me to have open lines of communication and a pleasant work environment. Knowing how to work with others one step at a time to get good results. Having a stress free experience while working long hours are something Im really used to.

I think my combination of skill and attitude will bring a fresh outlook to the work environment.

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