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When I enter college the first thing that I wanted to do was to be a animator, until I took a video editing class and also after watching star wars episode 3 revenge of the sith that made me want to become a film maker. In 2006 I made a hard decision to move to Toronto to go to International Academy of Design and Technology where I met some of my best friends that I have today. When I was going there, there were some happy times and there were some hard times. The most memorable project would be my Autism movie, when I was making this movie I only had 6 hrs of sleep in 5 days because I had a hard time on locating a camera. On Friday night I was in a class room wondering what I am going to do until my friend came in and had a Sony HDV Z1U camera. She told me that she didn’t need it for 24 hrs so she let me take the camera and go and shoot my movie. When I got to my cousin’s house I filmed right away until it hit 5pm and I was done. I went upstairs and slept for 2 hrs and went back to Toronto to edit the movie. I got to the editing room I had 36 hrs until I had to get the project done. I had 3 hrs of footage and I had to put it into a 15 minute film I also I had to worry about 8 other projects at the time and they were all due that week. At the end I finished everything and it was the most challenging thing that I ever done, if you think that I can’t handle your company tasks then I don’t know who can handle it. My school made me grow up and turned me into the man that I am today. Toronto taught me to always thank god that I have the wonderful family and friends that I have. Toronto gave me judgment, leadership, determination and the will to be successful in this industry. That is why I am the perfect choice on being part of your company. I have the will power of an army, no one will never stand in my way to achieve the greatness that I want.

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