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Location Manager – Feature Films:
“Jacob’s Ladder” additional photography LD Entertainment 6/2017-8/2017
-Location Manager for Alison Semenza King (EP)

“Bleed” RRE Media, LLC 3/2017-6/2017
-Location Manager for Bobby Roth (Director)

“Forever My Girl” Additional Photography LD Entertainment 12/2016-1/2017
-Location Manager for Alison Semenza King (EP)

“Superstition: Final Chance” Lionsgate Films 10/2016-12/2016
-Location Manager for Carol Ann Shine (Producer) & Jim Tripp (UPM)

Location Manager – Television:
“The Dunk King” (TNT) Se2 A. Smith & Company 7/2016
-Location Manager & Scout for Kristen Stabile (Producer) & Sean Fitzgibbons (Line Producer)

“Spartan Race” S1 A. Smith & Co Productions/NBC 12/2015
-Staging Supervisor, Location Manager & Scout for Kent Weed (EP)

Location Manager - Commercials
“American Family Insurance” Smuggler Productions 3/2017
-Location Manager/Scout for Leah Fleischmann (Producer)

“Suntrust Park/Atlanta Braves” MJZ Productions 3/2017
-Location Manager for Yianni Papadopoulus (UPM)

“Mercedes-Benz: Running” Tagged Media 7/2016, 9/2016
-Assistant Director, Location Manager & Scout for Kyle Smith (Producer)

“Ford: Kirby Smart” Oasis Films 7/2016
-Location Manager for Megan Collier (Producer)

“Papa John’s: Peyton Manning” Supply & Demand Inc. 6/2016
-Location Manager/Scout for Henri Dragonas (Producer)

“Zaxby’s Part of the Community” Campaign Chelsea Pictures 9/2015
-Location Manager/Scout for Pat McGoldrick (Producer)

“Georgia Lottery: Keno Villain” BBDO/Shadowlight Pictures 8/2015-9/2015
-Location Manager/Scout for Richard Sampson

AT&T/Vice Commercials Vice Media 10-12/2014
-Location Manager/Scout for Craig Shilowich

ESPN “Game Day” Commercial Habana Avenue 07/2014
-Location Manager/Scout for Steven Levy

Edward Jones Commercial Shadowlight Pictures 02/2014-04/2014
-Location Manager/Scout for Richard Sampson

Location Scout & Assistant Location Manager – Feature Films & Television:

“The Gifted” 20th Century Fox TV 6/2017
-Location Scout for Miles Henley (LM)

“The Front Runner” Bron Studios 6/2017
-Location Scout for John Latenser (LM)

“Rampage” S&K Pictures 3/2017-4/2017
-Location Scout for Maria Bierniak (LM)

“The Pact” Cherries Productions, LLC 2/2017
-Location Scout for Miles Henley (LM)

“Insatiable” Pilot Eye Productions/CBS 2/2017
-Location Scout for Maida Morgan (LM)

“Halt & Catch Fire” Season 4 AMC Networks 1/2017-2/2017
-Location Scout for Chris Bonnem (LM)

“MacGyver” Season 1 CBS Networks 1/2017
-Location Scout for Mac Gordon (LM)

“Sleepy Hollow” Season 4 20th Century Fox 12/2016
-Location Scout for Nancy Haecker (LM)

“Ozark” S1 Netflix/Blue Cat Prods 7/2016-10/2016
-Staff Location Scout/KALM for Wes Hagan (LM) & Patrick Rofoli (LM)

“The Leisure Seeker” Rai Cinema 6/2016
-Location Scout for Kai Thorup (LM)

“Leavey” LD Entertainment 5/2016-6/2016
-Location Scout for Kathy Berry (LM)

“Step Sisters” Broad Green Pictures 5/2016
-Location Scout for John Latenser (LM)

“Forever My Girl” LD Entertainment 5/2016
-Location Scout for Mark Cottrell(LM) & Alison King (Producer)

“When the Street Lights Go On” Paramount Productions/Hulu 3/2016-5/2016
-ALM/Location Scout for Kai Thorup (LM)

“Notorious” Topanga Productions/ABC/Sony 2/2016-3/2016
-Staff Location Scout for Bill Pogue (LM) & Patrick Rofoli (LM)

“Powers Season 2” Sony/Mesquite Productions 9/2015-1/2016
-Staff Location Scout/ALM for Bill Pogue (LM), Dodd Vickers & Patrick Rofoli

“Spartan Race” & “Dunk Kings” A. Smith & Co Productions/NBC 9/2015-10/2015
-Location Scout for Robert Medema (LM)

“Neighbors 2” Universal Pictures 7/2015-8/2015
-Location Scout for Ted Gidlow (UPM) & John Latenser (LM)

“Miracles from Heaven” Sony Pictures 4/2015-7/2015
-Key Assistant Location Manager/Scout for Kathy Berry (LM)

“Game of Silence” Topanga Productions/NBC/Sony 2/2015-4/2015
-Key Assistant Location Manager/Scout for Vick Griffin (LM)

“Dirty Grandpa” Lionsgate Pictures 12/2014-1/2015
-Location Scout for Kai Thorup (LM)

“The Boss” Universal Pictures 12/2014
-Location Scout for Steve Dirkes (LM)

“The Red Road” Season 2 Sundance TV 10-12/2014
-Location Scout/ALM for Wes Hagan (LM) & Mike Buonanno

“My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” Feature Film Gold Circle Productions 10/2014
-Location Scout for Sian McArthur

“The Magnificent Seven” Feature Film MGM Studios 09/2014
-Location Scout for Dale Fagan

“Ride Along 2” Feature Film RA2 Productions/Universal Studios 06/2014-07/2014
-Location scout for Kathy Berry & Mac Gordon

“Taken 3” Feature Film Taken Films 02/2014-04/2014
-Location Scout for Kai Thorup

“American Ninja Warrior” A. Smith & Co Productions 10/2014 & 10/2015
-Location Scout for Jason Simonie

I have been in the industry since 2011.

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